Selling off Some Artbooks

I have a few that I just..don’t look at anymore, and there are other things I want to buy, and without a job the only way to do that is to sell some of the things that I have. I’d rather these go to someone who will find more use for them than I can. 

Payment only through paypal please.

And please let me know if this isn’t alright? I’m not sure on how..reselling an artbook bought from another artist works. I’ve never done this before.

Neolucky (neolucky on deviantART ):

LuckyColors & LuckyWorks 3:

10$ & 15$ (will have to calculate shipping if anyone’s interested in buying either one)

Luckycolors does have some minor damage from shelfwear but overall it’s still in really great condition. LuckyWorks 3 is in near mint condition and I don’t think has any real wear on it at all.

No pages are missing, no pages are torn or bent or damaged, no stains. Also I do believe both are out of print.

Lone-Momo (Dapper-Owl on deviantART ) & Budgie (Sambees on deviantART ):

Out of Context:

15$ (same as above for shipping - For some reason that uploaded fine and looks sideways now whyyy)

Very little wear, no missing/torn/bent/stained/ruined pages, and is signed by both artists. I believe this artbook is also out of print.

Blizz-mii ( on deviantART):

Boundless Sky (Pre-Order version):

20$ (same as above for shipping)

Comes with three mini prints and a bookmark. Mint condition, looked through twice, no missing/torn/bent/stained/ruined pages. Also has a little message on the inside of the cover and a drawing done by Blizz of one of my OCs which makes me feel guilty for trying to sell the book but fjdksl. 

I think that’s it. If anyone’s interested just send me an ask and we’ll work out payment and how much the shipping will cost. Thank you for looking!

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