Anonymous asked: your blog is sO NEAT

YOU’RE NEAT MYSTERIOUS PERSON. Also first anon ever hey ho so it goes.





“I keep rearranging the letters of my sisters The Beatles sign on her bedroom door.

She is not happy.” 

I’ve given up trying to make them normal.


ok and now there’s another one


i didnt know the beatles could become so many words

Eh seatbelt

The best ale

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"I don’t know anything ever. I really don’t."

Bucky? Who the hell is Bucky?

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"Chris Evans, he’s actually just a very, very sensitive guy. You don’t notice that immediately because he’s so muscular and strong. But he’s actually very delicate. You have to approach him very carefully and almost protect him as you work. He’s an extremely intelligent guy. And he also looks at a film from the director’s point of view. He’s also a director. So sometimes he’s just very, very focused and into the scene as an actor…But then other times he’ll [step] 10 feet back and see the whole situation as a director and come up with ideas or give his input. So he had this interesting way of going in really, really deep then also being able to step back."

captain america a-z: part one

B is for Bucky*